Finding Your Part


What is a 'PNC Number' and why do you need it?

The 'PNC Number' or 'Product Number Code' is a unique identification code that is printed on all Electrolux appliances. It allows us to know exactly what parts will fit your appliance. Model numbers do not accurately enable us to know which parts fit your appliance, which is why we require the PNC Number.

Where can I find my PNC Number?

The PNC Number will be printed on a data-plate or sticker somewhere on your appliance. Click here for instructions on where to find yours.

The recommended replacement part looks different to my current one, why?

Over time, certain parts may have been re-designed or improved, which in very rare circumstances may change the look or colour of the part you require. If you have entered your appliance's PNC Number, and the part you require is listed, this will be the correct part for your appliance.

Are your products genuine Electrolux parts?

As the manufacturer, we only sell genuine Electrolux spare parts and accessories in our Webshop.
Please note, universal or pattern parts supplied by another retailers are not guaranteed to fit your appliance, may void your warranty, and are not recommended.

My appliance is faulty but I don't know what part to order...

Customer Services will be unable to diagnose what is faulty on your appliance over the phone or via email. This would need to be determined before placing an order with us. 

My appliance is still under warranty...

If your appliance is still under warranty, you can contact Service Force on 0818543000, who will be able to assist you.

My appliance is a Tricity Bendix/Moffat/Parkinson Cowan, but your website is 'Electrolux', why? 

Tricity Bendix was acquired by Electrolux in 1987. Since then, all appliances and sales of spare parts and accessories have been supplied by Electrolux. You can find all your Triciy Bendix spare parts here on our Webshop.

After-sales Service


Can someone install the part(s) for me?

If you wish to have your spare parts fitted by one of our service engineers, please contact Service Force on 0818543888. Additional charges will apply. 

I require a VAT receipt...

Please click here to reach our Customer Services department. When contacting us, please provide us with your Order Number, and your request for a VAT receipt.

How can I make a complaint?

We value feedback from our customers. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the service or product that we have provided, and would like to make a complaint, please click here to get in touch with us.