Terms and Conditions



1.1 These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to your order of Products (the “Products”) from Electrolux web-shop or by telephone (Distance Contracts) for delivery in the United Kingdom. You may not order Products for deliveries to destinations outside United Kingdom.

shop.electrolu ie is a site owned by AB Electrolux (publ.) a Swedish company registered in Stockholm. shop.electrolux. ie is operated on behalf of AB Electrolux (publ.) by Electrolux plc, (“We”). Electrolux plc is registered in Ireland under company number 9118 with its registered at Longmile Road Dublin 12 Ireland The main trading address for this website is situated as above The VAT number for Electrolux is IE8/R/56379S

For sales in other countries, we refer to www.electrolux.com/shop.

1.2 The Terms under which the Products are offered for sale on this Web Site are set out below. By ticking the “I have read and agree” box in the order form and submitting the order, you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms.

1.3 Electrolux reserves the right to amend the Terms at any time without notice. Such change however will have no effect on orders that were submitted prior to the amended Terms being posted on the Web Site.

1.4 For the terms of use regarding the Web Site and privacy regulations, please refer to www.electrolux.ie.

1.5 For any questions or comments regarding the Terms, notifications of withdrawals, cancellations, returns and refunds, please contact:

Email: gbx.customerservice@electrolux.co.uk

Telephone: 0818543333

1.6 Our delivery of spare parts and kitchen accessories through our Web Shop comprises of order taking, order fulfilment and post-fulfilment processing of the completed Web Shop transaction. After the delivery we and/or our service and cooperation partners will contact the Customer by e-mail with a questionnaire. The post processing is an integral part of our delivery in order to ensure that the delivery service meets all relevant requirements and to be able to take further remedial action if and when we deem that this may be appropriate based on the customer’s feedback. Personal data received from the Customer when placing an order in the webshop will be processed in line with Data Protection Act 1998.


2.1 An order is placed:

- Online by filling in the order form at the Web Site; or

- By phone by calling Electrolux on 0818543333.

2.2 All Products are supplied subject to availability. We will contact you by e-mail, phone or post as soon as possible to inform you if the Products ordered are not available.

2.3 We are trying to keep a high quality on the images published on the Web Site but please be informed that the ordered Product may vary in colour, design from the display on the Web Site.

2.4 If you have supplied us with a valid e-mail address, we will notify you as soon as possible to confirm your order and to confirm your details. In connection therewith, you will receive a unique order number, which is to be used in all communication with Electrolux.


3.1 The ordered Product will be delivered in its original design. Electrolux reserves the right to make minor technical changes which do not affect the functionality of the Product.

3.2 Products that are marked as “in stock” will generally be delivered within 5-7 working days and Products marked “out of stock” will generally be delivered within 21 days. If the Products are not available within these estimated delivery times we will let you know.

3.3 Should a Product not be available in the ordered quantity, we will inform you thereof and you may decide whether you would want to order such lower amount or cancel your order.

3.4 Electrolux may, in its own discretion, decide to make a partial delivery. If so, you will not bear any additional costs but only be charged for one delivery.

3.5 If delivery is not possible within thirty (30) days, you may cancel the order. Should any payments have been effected, these will be returned by us within thirty (30) days.


4.1 All prices are in euro. The prices published on the Web Site are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of any levies, duties and delivery costs.

4.2 Levies, duties and delivery costs may vary from time to time and on the way of delivery and these costs will be calculated separately and indicated on the Web Site when you place your order. The total price stated on the order form shall be the total amount payable for the ordered Products.

4.3 You accept to reimburse Electrolux for any additional shipment/ handling costs caused as a consequence of your failure to accept or collect delivery in accordance with the agreed terms for delivery.


5.1 You can pay for the Products by the methods of payment indicated on the Web Site from time to time.

5.2 Electrolux provides secure online payment with the assistance of an external provider and to make sure that you always have the highest level of security your payment details are automatically encrypted when you enter them.

5.3 When paying by credit card, the credit card details must be provided when placing your order. Your credit card will be charged at the time of the order confirmation.


Right of withdrawal

6.1 You may, without giving any reasons, withdraw your order from the date of the receipt of the order confirmation up until 14 days from the receipt of the Product. Such withdrawal shall be made in written form (e.g. letter, fax or e-mail) and to comply with the time limit it is sufficient to timely send the withdrawal notice to Electrolux on the address or e-mail indicated under Section 1.5.

6.2 Should any payments have been made, these will promptly, at the latest within thirty (30) days from our receipt of the returned Product, be repaid by us. However, we will only reimburse the cost for the Product itself and not your delivery costs for returning the Product to us..

6.3 Your rights to withdraw your order may be jeopardized if you have not taken adequate steps to safeguard that you are able to return the Product substantially in the same condition as its original condition (original package included). This does not apply if the condition of the Product has deteriorated as a consequence of (a) your necessary actions to inspect the Product, or (b) circumstances which are not attributable to yourself. In any event, we always recommend that you take adequate and reasonable steps to maintain the condition of the Product, and that you see to it that the Product is safely returned to us.

6.4 The right to withdraw does not apply in case of Products that are sealed and the seal has been broken.

Damaged or defective Products

In addition to your rights to withdraw your order under Sections 6.1 – 6.4 above, you may also exercise certain remedies if you find that your Product is damaged or defective. If so, please contact us and follow the procedures set out below.

6.5 Any damage caused to the Products during shipment or alleged defects regarding the Product shall immediately be notified in writing to Electrolux on the address or e-mail set forth in Section 1.5.

6.6 Other complaints or obvious defects of the Product are to be notified within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Product.

6.7 If your claim is valid, you may in accordance with the provisions of applicable Consumer Sales of Goods legislation ask for (a) rectification of the defect, or (b) delivery of a substitute Product.

6.8 If we are unable to remedy the defect in the Product or to deliver a substitute Product or in case such substitute delivery fails, you may in your sole discretion choose to cancel the order or to ask for a reduction of the price.


7.1 Spare parts, accessories and consumables that you have purchased at this web-shop must always be installed and used in accordance with the relevant appliance User Manual and Installation Guide for the appliance into which you intend to install and use the spare parts/ accessories/ consumables. We encourage that you use our Web Site www.electrolux.ie in order to retrieve the relevant appliance User Manual and Installation Guide.

7.2 Spare parts and accessories are intended for installation and use only in combination with Electrolux Products, unless otherwise explicitly stated by Electrolux in writing.

7.3 You are responsible for the proper installation and use of the Products that you have purchased at this web-shop. Please be advised that certain Products require installation of an authorized, qualified and professional expert to prevent risks of structural damage and/ or physical injury. This is particularly important for proper installation, use and maintenance of gas components, electrical components, plumbing parts and water components. For proper guidance always read any instructions on the package for the Products you have ordered, and/ or the relevant Electrolux’ User Manual and Installation Guide.

7.4 Electrolux assumes no liability for claims caused by (a) non-intended use or handling of the Product, (b) use and installation in combination with appliances for which the Product was not intended, or (c) improper installation. Please note that use or installation not performed in the required manner may entail danger for you.


We refer you to the user manual for any specific details regarding service of the Electrolux appliance to which you have ordered a spare part or accessory. In addition, you may contact an Electrolux service centre directly as posted on our Web Site on www.electrolux.ie.


Electrolux shall not be liable for any default or delay in the performance of the order if and to the extent such default or delay is caused, directly or indirectly, by circumstances beyond its reasonable control and it could not have been prevented by reasonable precautions.


This agreement shall be governed by the substantive laws of the Ireland.